Kicked Over Trifle—Gordon’s Wingman

I have a slit in my arse.
Brenda came.
Cheese on toast.
West Ham United.
Fist your mum.
Fist your mum.
Minions with fart guns.
Nipple pinch.
Snot rag.
Nostrils, nostrils, nostrils.
We go again.
Fist your mum.
Your mum’s tits.
Bring a bottle and a gram.
Party in the orphanage.
Jose Mourinho.
William’s Wish Wellingtons.
Up to your neck in dick.
Your opinion is irrelevant.
I’m handsome as fuck.
Nipple bollock.
Wales and Welsh people.
Chariots of Martin Offiah.
Martin O’Fire.
A knob of butter.
Knob end.
Fist your mum.

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