A Taste of Flesh–Lust Lives On

I love the smell,
Of pussy,
On my cock,
The morning after,
A sweet embrace.
I don’t shower,
The next day,
The scent provides,
A sweet reminder.

A mouthful of pussy;
A handful of arse.
I’ll get her juices,
She’ll be mine tonight.
The chew toy,
For this dirty dog!

On hands and knees,
Face down,
Arse up,
That’s the only way,
To fuck!

Hands wander.
Lips do too.
Bare skin,
On bare skin.
No latex layer,
To kill this passion.

No holding back.
I pull her closer,
Hold myself in,
And let my,
Liquid love,
Flow through her.

This is familiar,
Yet somehow new.


Deepest Regret–Urges of Deviance

Out of wedlock;
Bonny little bastard.
The face of an angel;
Born of demons.

The whale calls;
Unable to locate,
Her pod.
The ocean is vast,
When you swim solo.

Driven to madness,
My alter ego calls.
So close,
Yet so far.
This Average, White Man,
I cannot escape,
For he never leaves,
The ether of my,

One stumbled through,
The Gates of Heaven.
He bowed before,
The Great I Am.
Then laughed,
That wicked laugh.
“I’ll tear your ever after,
Asunder, oh Lord!”

Gemstones and Twatwaffles–Paradise Features

Fall off your chair,
Into the hot lava.
Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.
Pop, bang, sizzle.
Onomatopoeic words,
Are bloomin’ great!

A-where’s a-Wally?
Christopher Walken.
Fish finger butties.

“Simply epic!”,
The Grecian did declare,
With one foot in his sandal,
And the other in his hair.
Gorgeous Giorgios.

Dole scroungers,
Will burn,
In the eternal fires,
Of damnation.

Anyway, I digress;
I’ve a hairy chest.
Slippery nipples.
Infected naval.
Timmy Dean,
And little Tommy Two-Shits.

It’s No Joke–Hahaha!

Rod, Jane, and Freddy.
One in the gob;
One up the arse.
Jane, you fucking tramp!

Ken attempts,
To keep his fart silent.
In the process,
He fills his drawers,
With slippy, nutty,
No disguising that,

Jimmy Saville,
Raped minors.

Inverness Caledonian Thistle,
Win again.
Show us,
Your cunt.
Different spokes,
For different yokes.

Y Fflint.
Wales and Welshishness.
Sheep shaggers!

Weeds–Scary Darey


Fucking bastard!
Ghengis Khan,
Opened a tin,
Of sardines.

Like Arthur’s rectal pubic hair,
With a fist,
In the bollock.
Repartee abounds,
In this city,
With no name.

Deep throat your brother,
Why I shove a dildo,
Up my shitter.
Worth the funny walk,
For a few days succeeding.

Perversions of the mind,
Made solid.

Africaans–That’s a Funny Language

The excitement builds,
As Bill—
Pardon me!
—Approaches Edith’s abode.

Η γλώσσα κόκαλα δεν έχει,
αλλά κόκαλα τσακίζει.

A tragedy of sins;
Cast dispersions on others,
Yet condemn not yourself.

Big tits,
Big tits,
Big tits.
And a hairy tuppence.

Dive into,
My tepid pool,
And immerse yourself.
Lose your inhibitions.

In my insanity,
For your reality,
Is lame as fuck!

A Shower of Scheiße–Concentration Kampf

Bloody Germans!

Drink a pint,
Of Wifebeater,
Then take your dog,
For a walk.
Make sure,
To pick up its shit!

Robson & Jerome.
Schnell, schnell, schnell!

Bloody Germans!

Wesley Snipes,
Followed me home.
He came in,
Had a brew,
Talked about chins,
Roundhouse kicked my wife,
Then took his leave.
Nice bloke!

Skanky slut.
I’ll give you a quid,
For anal.
No protection.
Deal! 🤝

Bloody Germans!