Kicked Over Trifle—Gordon’s Wingman

I have a slit in my arse.
Brenda came.
Cheese on toast.
West Ham United.
Fist your mum.
Fist your mum.
Minions with fart guns.
Nipple pinch.
Snot rag.
Nostrils, nostrils, nostrils.
We go again.
Fist your mum.
Your mum’s tits.
Bring a bottle and a gram.
Party in the orphanage.
Jose Mourinho.
William’s Wish Wellingtons.
Up to your neck in dick.
Your opinion is irrelevant.
I’m handsome as fuck.
Nipple bollock.
Wales and Welsh people.
Chariots of Martin Offiah.
Martin O’Fire.
A knob of butter.
Knob end.
Fist your mum.

Passenger Side–On My Way to Colin’s Gaff


Check out the sound;
Here is the rhythm,
Even bigger than before,
And its live and kickin’!

Party political broadcast.
Sarsons vinegar,
Went to Norwich,
In a tractor,
Made of permafrost.

Is it prejudicial,
To say snigger?
It is,
After all,
An anagram,
For gingers.

Break the cycle.
I don’t mind blacks,
Talk a bit,
Of shit,
But that isn’t,
Their fault,
I suppose.

Listen to shit,
Music on the,
Bus really loud though.
That’s annoying.

Prejudice–My Take

A couple of G’s;
An R and an E;
An I and an N.
Six seemingly,
Harmless letters.
When arranged in,
A certain order,
Have the power,
To cause uproar.

Oppressed and teased,
For the longest time;
These people have,
Committed no real crime.
Despite this fact,
The prejudice remains;
No matter what happens,
The beast won’t be slain.

A couple of G’s;
An R and an E;
An I and an N.
The alphabet had,
No idea it could,
Create such controversy.
A term that has,
Tainted and disgraced,
An entire people.

It isn’t fair nor right,
That people should suffer,
The bullying and teasing,
They get from another,
For something as trivial,
As the way they appear.
Do people not realise,
That their words cause tears?

Leave us alone!
You can’t say that word!
We won’t stand for it!
We’ll fight to be heard!

Only a ginger,
Can call another ginger,

Respect to Tim Minchin,