Slain Lepers–On Your Head Be It

Get ready fer this,
Yer sucker!

Skint twits,
Giant nits,
Droopy clits,
And saggy tits.
Hairy balls,
Graffiti’d walls,
Booty calls,
And Eyeball Pauls.

Drop the needle,
On the wax.
Spin that shit;
Kick back, relax.
Back in time,
Is where we go;
To times of yore;
To times we know.

In walks a slut;
Her legs are shut.
No offence, but,
Where do I nut?
Open ’em wide;
Welcome me inside.
She can’t hide,
Although she tried.

All I want,
Is a damned good shag.
No nice girls thanks;
I just want slags.
Skanky harpies,
Are where my hat lays.
You can save the sweet ones,
For the fucking gays!

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