Uterus–Help the Drunk

Wisdom of elders,
And we’ll ignore,
Their dementia.
Stupid, owd bedshitters!

Show me your cunt.
If you aren’t a slut,
You can piss off!
Slappers and slags,
Need only apply.
Bounce on my,
Ginger bollocks.

Leave it out, Baz.
It ain’t worth it.
Plus, he has leprosy.
Finish your pint,
Then we’ll move on.

A Way of Life.
Up the Khaiber.
Up yer Ronson.
The monkey’s chuff.

Just do it.
Stop making excuses,
And slice them.
The police won’t,
Find out.
If they do,
We’ll shank the twats!

Over to you,
In the studio…

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