Riddled With Clap–The Ballad of Rumpy Spinkles

Which came first:
Cheese or chives?
Rapid Response Team.
Swagger Jagger.

Over to you,
In the studio,
Rick Gothenberg.

Meet your maker,
iPod Shuffle.
“Fuck you, Steve Jobs!
You’re a cunt!
And you smell!”
A bit o’ gratitude,
Wouldn’t have gone amiss…

Walk into the pit,
Filled with shit.
The whole thing.
Burgers from Wimpy;
Ren & Stimpy.

Thought you’d won,
But your arse,
Was too hairy.
Shoot a load,
Up your mum’s twat.
Impregnate her.
Have a brother-son,
Louisiana man.


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