Infected Nipple–From Carlisle to Vanuatu

Divn’t y’na?
I’m rockin’ y’intournally.
White shite,
And sausage butties.

Gorau adnabod,
d’adnabod dy hun.
If you’re dumb,
As fuck,
Of course!

A fist!
A fist!
A fist in my jappy!

Rip out the faucet,
Of your ceaseless,
Turn back the clock,
On mendacities,
Once told,

Alf Stuart.
Strike me handsome!
Ya great, flamin’ gallah!

Ray Meagher.
Rae Meagre.
Raym Eager.
Geoff Capes.

A cacophony of cunts;
Just one cock.
Let’s get,
The party started!

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