Deborah’s Revenge–It’s All Kickin’ Off, Man!

She drives me crazy;

Walter White,
Smacked his bitch up.
An eye for an eye;
A finger for a finger;
Arse, arse, arse,
And cheesy Wotsits.

Craggy face,
Like the lovechild,
Of Bill Murray,
And Rob Brydon.
Also Balmudo from Grease.

Like no-one else;

You have to respect,
Josef Fritzl though.
He had a dream,
And he lived it!

I’m gonna shoot me load,
Up yer girlfriend’s twat.
How ’bout that?
Spam ‘n’ gam.
Tickle a trout,
With a dog’s lipstick.
My advice would be,
To thump her one!

She drives me crazy;
I can’t help myself;

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