Geoff Lives Matter–Djibouti Dreamin’

Desk fans in Market Harborough,
All sold to the,
Tall Nazi called Fritz.

The big question,
Of course,
Is as follows:
Who is the sexiest paedophile?

Lester Burton can swivel.
Gonorrhoea friction burns.
Wank me off,
With your arse.

You there!
Empty your balls,
Up my bum,
Or I’ll tell everyone,
You’re a fucking faggot!

And funbags.
Clam jouster.

Take Your Pants–On

Isn’t a laughing matter.
Raping minors?
Terrible, but…
Yes, why not?

Candyfloss funbags,
Hover over me.
Unilateral skylines,
Twist my soul.
Never did she,
Yomp to Goose Green.

Farthings from heaven;
Evil speaks to me.
Retinas burn!
Retinas sear!
Evil has me,
Tonight and forever.

Fudge–Wrinkles In A Turd

Windows, windows!
The light streams in!
Curtains pulled in twain,
Reveal the orb.

Much too deep,
And serious.
Use a Caramac,
To wipe my arse,
Then sodomise,
Your cousin.
Aah, equilibrium!

Went forth,
To wage war,
In Bognor Regis,
With raging queers.
Cut their dicks off!
Filthy shit-stabbers!

We tried,
And failed.
Be reet!

Fuck off!