Take Your Pants–On

Isn’t a laughing matter.
Raping minors?
Terrible, but…
Yes, why not?

Candyfloss funbags,
Hover over me.
Unilateral skylines,
Twist my soul.
Never did she,
Yomp to Goose Green.

Farthings from heaven;
Evil speaks to me.
Retinas burn!
Retinas sear!
Evil has me,
Tonight and forever.

Fudge–Wrinkles In A Turd

Windows, windows!
The light streams in!
Curtains pulled in twain,
Reveal the orb.

Much too deep,
And serious.
Use a Caramac,
To wipe my arse,
Then sodomise,
Your cousin.
Aah, equilibrium!

Went forth,
To wage war,
In Bognor Regis,
With raging queers.
Cut their dicks off!
Filthy shit-stabbers!

We tried,
And failed.
Be reet!

Fuck off!