Male Privilege–Shut Up You Cunt!

Am I allowed,
To say Paki?
I don’t know,
What’s allowed anymore.
Calling us Welsh,
Sheep-shaggers seems,
Alright though 🤔

I heard a faggot,
Slating straight men,
The other day.
And a dyke,
Slating men,
In general a few,
Months back.
In a workplace no less.

Where’s the line?
Who drew it?
I’m confused.

Seem to be able,
To say what,
They like too.
Male privilege?
The only privilege,
Straight, white males,
Seem to have,
Is to soak up,
The bullshit,
And the diatribe,
And say nothing back.

Where’s the line?
Who drew it?
I’m confused…